Monday, August 15, 2005

Things That Make Me Smile (Even On Monday)

1. The way my grandma personalizes cards. If she can't find a card for my daughter that says "great granddaughter," she will write in a caret and the word "great" before the "granddaughter," so that no one will wonder if she really believes the Hobbit is her granddaughter. She also crosses out "I" and writes in "we," because she thinks that will fool us into thinking my grandfather gave this thoughtful card a lot of his attention. Hard to believe, since his handwriting hasn't appeared in a card in my 27-year history. We love him anyway.

2. That everyone in my family is hoarding quarters. That way, when we go on vacation en masse next week, everyone will have money to lose to Grandpa when he pulls out the deck of cards.

3. The way the Hobbit has taken to pointing out everything that touches the floor as "uh-oh."

4. The gleeful way she ran from her room this morning, clad in nothing but a diaper and clutching the onesie I was trying to pull over her head. Also, the fact that she was delighted when I chased her down the hall and bodily hefted her back to finish dressing.

5. That as I was getting dressed, she handed me my shirt, even though it covered her almost head to toe.

6. That when I said it was time to put her toys away, she pushed the box into the closet herself. Then, she pulled it right back out again and started taking out toys. Still, I'm counting that as a major listening success!

7. That my husband watches The Gilmore Girls with me, and even lets me talk about the characters like they're real people we know.

8. That he also restrains himself from too much eye-rolling when I reminisce about the best TV show ever, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

9. That my brother refers to his wife as "Aunt Frank" in front of the Hobbit, in hopes that she will call her that. Officially, I side with my mother and sister-in-law that this is a bad idea. Unofficially, I think it would pretty darn funny if the Hobbit did pick it up.

10. I am 5 days away from vacation!!!!!!!!!!! What should I read, by the way?


Rude Cactus said...

Vacation? How do I get myself one of those?

Jenn said...

Just read your whole blog -- what can I say, kid is napping! So what I really wanna know is -- did you solve the school reunion dilemma? Really, I wanna know!


Jane said...

Dude - Husband watches the GG with me, too! And he likes them... a lot! (Although he thinks Emily is eerily like my own mother. Hmmm.)