Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Inquiring Minds....

Jenn (thanks for reading! I feel all popular today!) asked about my reunion trip drama. So, the saga:

DH and I hadn't come up with any solutions that made us both feel OK, and he was lamenting to his mom. Lo and behold, she has frequent flyer miles to burn. Fabulous! The Hobbit and DH will visit California for a long weekend.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, everytime a good fare comes up for Really Fun City, it expires before my girlfriends and I can decide to go for it. Ahh, irony, I think. DH will have a wonderful weekend, and I will be stuck at home alone. Serves me right.

Never fear, however! All is now well. Really Fun City, here we come! We found decent fares, the tickets are booked, hurray! Now, please just pray that Northwest's mechanics will not strike, or at least that their replacements will not screw up all the planes. I'm all about solidarity up to a point, but this is my vacation we're talking about!

Also, this will be the first time I've been away from the Hobbit overnight. Ever. How is it possible to look forward to something and dread it this much all at the same time!?


Jane said...

The first half-hour is the worst. You want to cry (or actually *do* cry) for the first bit, but go have a beer, and remember that your child is being spoiled beyond what is acceptable by grandma. I always managed to have an acceptable time.

Julie said...

Yes, alcohol will definitely be involved. And chocolate.