Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Missing You

How old will my children be, when the simple fact of my presence will no longer be enough to bring them comfort in the middle of the night?

When will they grow self-conscious about their bodies? When will we lose that blessed innocence that lets me bathe them, change them, "keep them company" while they go potty (Raisin loves that -- I can't say it's my favorite hobby, but I appreciate the trust)?

When will they stop thinking that I am funny? My humor repertoire consists mainly of zerberts on bellies and knock-knock jokes, but my kids laugh like I'm their pick on Last Comic Standing.

How many more years before my stock of wisdom is insufficient? Already Raisin is unsatisfied with the answers we provide -- needing backup from a teacher or a grandparent. How long before she doesn't even ask us anymore?

How long before my babies aren't babies anymore? How long do I have?


Anonymous said...

R u worrying again?! Hmmmm, well they will always need you!! They might not show it when they get older, but you will soon find out that if you listen to them, and show them the respect that they deserve-EVEN AS TEENAGERS-they will come into your room at night, lay their head on the pillow, and you will see a little tear in the corner of their eye as it trickles down their face, and they will say, "Mom, can I talk to you about something?" And your heart will stop beating, only for a second! :)and you will have to catch your breath because this is the first time in a long time that they have decided to reach out. Okay, sorry, just thinking about my BABY, and how he still needs to have me listen to him. I love it!!! Hang in there, and keep the lines of communication open-they will always NEED YOU!! :) Yes, this is long and kind of silly, but that moment when they reach out is so freakin' special and makes it all worth it! dg

Jane said...

The answer? Never long enough. I keep telling the Bear that she's growing too much, too quickly. I tell her she has to stop. She's always, "Mom, I *can't*!" Like I should know this, duh. But then she promises that no matter how tall or how old she gets, she'll always be my baby, even when she grows up to be a mommy.

Hearing that makes it a little easier.

Hazel said...

A year? 10 years? Doesn't matter because it goes by in the wink of an eye. But when they are grown, there is nothing sweeter than your child coming to you with a problem and asking for advice. It makes up for all of those times you feel so bad when they have a problem that you can't help them with.