Friday, December 07, 2007

'E's Not Dead, 'E's Sleeping!

Um, Hi. The new job is not perfect. It is better than the old job, but I'm not sure it's enough better, and I am trying to figure out how to make it livable, and the posts I keep thinking of are not that joyful, and while that may be cathartic for me it is probably not that fun to read, and that's why I am not here.

Here is something joyful, though: after helping me stuff our Christmas letters into envelopes, Raisin decided to make out her own, and she spent about 1/2 hour "writing" letters and folding them carefully. "And this one is for Uncle D and Auntie K, and this one is for Auntie J, and this one is for E and A..." And she gave me the biggest stack because she wanted me to have something to read at work.

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Jane said...

I feel that same way every day - perfectly normal! Hopefully the new job will work out better than the old one.

Meanwhile, I'm going to find the man who invented holiday joy and take him out back and shoot him...