Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Don't HATE My Job

There are definitely things to like: a relatively flexible schedule, which allows us to keep Raisin in the preschool she loves and to keep all three kids out of an expensive daycare situation. Managers, coworkers, and customers who are mostly pretty friendly. The fact that they pay me -- that's good.


In my pre-twin job, I had the opportunity to build relationships with clients and with coworkers. I miss that.

I am so bone-tired. I hope this will get better as I get used to the new normal. Or, I will spend large portions of my new salary on coffee. Either way.

I think I might be a little bit of a job snob. There is nothing wrong with this work, but I feel like I have to explain to people why I, with my college degree and years of experience, am working as a cashier. I don't like that feeling.

I need to figure out how to avoid coworker R, who evidently thinks he is funny and helpful, but is actually the most insulting, patronizing person I have ever met. Insulting example: I went through his check-out lane to buy some dinner during a break. I dropped a couple of coins while I was digging out my cash, and he called me a slob. Patronizing example: the computers keep track of the speed of each transaction a cashier does, and then spit back a percentage of "good" sales versus sales that are too slow. R said to me, "I can work the system so that I get more "Gs" than "Rs" -- you'll figure it out eventually." Since the percentages are prominently displayed on each monitor, I could see his. It was the same as mine.

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Anonymous said...

Co-worker R needs his butt kicked!! I am sure you are exhausted, and I hope that the "new normal" will get to be that way soon. I am sure you could work some place that would perhaps suit your skills more but at least you don't have to stress about deadlines, and all the fun stuff that comes with corporate jobs (or whatever you might do) The world needs a good cashier with a smile on her face...is that you? :) get some rest girl! donna g