Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You Have to Ask Me Nicely

Last night in the library's children's room, a librarian somewhat discourteously asked me to have Raisin refrain from spinning a rotating book rack.

Her request was completely reasonable, and I imagine spending 8 hours a day in that room can sometimes be Just Too Much.

Still. I am 8 months pregnant with twins. Pretty much every day you see me is the worst day of my life (movie reference, not meant to be literal). I would really have liked for her to stand there ... and with her Harvard mouth extend me some effing courtesy (movie reference #2, because it amuses me even if no one else gets it).

In unrelated news, The Cookie Cart today sold cookies with TWO causes. Not only did they help at-risk youth develop workplace skills, but they made a grumpy pregnant woman very, very happy.


Jane said...

Tee hee - she probably couldn't handle the truth...

Beth Fish said...

Cookies are literally the best thing for pregnancy. And since you have twins, you get twice as many cookies.