Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well, Shoot. Now What?

People, I am flummoxed. Here are the facts of the case:

The Jellyman and I had pretty much decided that I would not return to work after my maternity leave. It was all unofficial -- I certainly didn't want to give notice before exhausting my benefits, and I was trying to keep an open mind in case all of a sudden going back to work seemed like a really good idea.

Given the costs (both financial and emotional) of finding and paying for a good day care for three kids, though, staying home just seemed to make sense.

Until my new boss told me that upon my return from maternity leave, she is prepared to offer me a promotion, a raise, and a flexible schedule. She can't offer me part-time, but is willing to consider just about anything else.

Also possibly relevant: my new manager was promoted to this position. She is one of my closest friends at work, and until 2 weeks ago was my peer. As my peer/friend, I had told her of the possibility that I might not come back.

Also also: I have done no research into daycare/nanny situations that would suit our schedule and budget.

I have no idea what to do. I don't have to decide today, since the offer won't be final until my leave is over (kinda silly to give a bunch of new responsibilities to a woman destined to crap out on them at any moment).

For now, I am adding this to The List of Things I Will Think About Tomorrow, Because I Am Scarlett O'-Freaking-Hara And I Can. (See also: "weight gain, pregnancy" and "delivering twins, you want me to do what now?")

PS At my OB visit today, I cowboyed up and asked for a referral to a counselor. I don't know if I'll make an appointment, but I feel much better just having the option available. Thank you all for your kind concern.


Rude Cactus said...

Now that's a conundrum! Very few places are that flexible. Something to think about.

Julie said...

I know. It's a good job, and a really nice offer. I hate that! :)

K. said...

The maternity leave/work/daycare issue is always a doozy. I am still on "maternity leave" from my job and it has been more than 12 months. Just can't tell them I'm absolutely NOT coming back, because, um, you never know.....?

Yeah, I'm a horrible person.

jeneflower said...

That is a tough decision. Why is it that men don't struggle with these issues? Sorry, I am in my "not fair that I don't have a good job" mind set today. Tomorrow I will be in my "I'm so lucky to be a SAHM" mind set.

Isabel said...

Good luck...that is a hard one!