Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Name My Babies

Well, not really. We have real names all picked out already -- names our moms don't even know, so don't try to trick me into giving those away.

But I do need your help with the blog names. To avoid confusion, Raisin will stay Raisin and I will remain Grape. DH and the twins are up for grabs.

And if I pick your name, I'll even consider possibly giving you a prize maybe! Who can resist an offer like that!? Bonus points for names that are vaguely fruity or at least food related because I kind of have this theme thingy going sort of.

Jane and Karen, your suggestions are already in the running.


Jane said...

Or, they could be Apple and Orange. Or Lemon and Lime. Or Gin and Tonic! Oooh! I like that one! Or Sugar and Spice.

I figure the more I come up with, the more likely I am to win. I never win anything. ::pouts::

Julie said...

Yes! Vote early, vote often!

Jenn said...

I go for the more unusual fruit. How about Plum and Prune? Hmm, I like Plum but not Prune. How about Plum and Kiwi? You could always choose varieties of grapes. Sultana and Thompson? Too long? Or turn those grapes into wine -- Chablis and Chadonais? Or Merlot and Pinot? I'd stay stick with DH for DH. It's just easier that way.

K. said...

My vote is for Jam and Jelly.

Cat said...

What about Pea and Carrot? Or Squash and Pumpkin?

For your DH, Vine or Root?