Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hello. I'm back.

For the record, I was going to use this as a title for this post, or this. So it's not my fault that the actual title is so lame; all the good ones were taken.

We got back Sunday, and I spent yesterday catching up with all my blogs -- I mean, important work emails. Now that I know what's going on with you, I'd like to write a brilliant and witty post summing up our vacation.
I would like to write a post like that, but I yust can't think of one, so yust forget it. (Stop laughing at me. Stan and Doug are awesome.)

Anyway. Raisin was incredible on the plane. She was thrilled with the airport ("Look, Mommy! Another airplane!!" "You're kidding, Raisin! Where?"), and she handled every leg of the trip exremely well. I think she cried during one landing, but was quickly appeased with a Dum-Dum sucker.

That was just one of many things on this trip that made me realize that I am now raising a child, not a baby. For example, she spent a great deal of time dressing "myself." Also, she loved playing in Grandma and Grandpa's pool. The second day, she realized that if she stayed on the steps, she could "swim alone" and not be carried around by an adult. Offers after that to swim into deeper waters were met with great suspicion. She even slept in Grandma's day bed, and only fell out once (she sleeps in a big-girl bed at home, but we don't have a frame for the mattress, so there's not far to fall).

We went here (courtesy of Go City Kids, courtesy of Jinkies!). If you are traveling to Orange County with young kids, I highly recommend it. All the rides and activities are designed with little children in mind, and Raisin had a blast. Much cheaper than any of the bigger theme parks, too. By the time we left, we were intimate friends with the carousel guy; it was situated right in the center of the park, and Raisin couldn't pass the "horsey!!!!" without getting another ride.

In summary: excellent trip. I am totally hott in a maternity bathing suit. California is sunny and warm. My child is all grown up (sob). I'm back at work, and it sucks. DH and I have already counted the weeks until our August vacation "up North." (About 6, if you're wondering.)


isabel said...

Glad you guys had such a great time. You totally deserved it.

And I'm sure you did look HOTT!

Jane said...

Geez, two vacations in one summer? Get your relaxing in now, while you still can!

And, just out of curiosity, how much farther "up north" can you get than where you are right now?!

Welcome back!

Julie said...

I will be about 31 weeks pregnant for the second trip, so it'll actually depend on how comfortable my OB feels at that point. We'll be staying in a cabin with family, though, so we don't really lose anything if we don't go.

Still, if the world is denied another chance to see me in that rockin' swimsuit, it'll be a sad thing.

"Up North" is where all the cool kids vacation in Minnesota. Lazy folks like us drive a couple of hours to Brainerd and stay in a cabin on a lake. The truly intrepid go to Canada and rough it in the wilderness.

Amy said...

I'm glad you had a good time!

We're doing 2 trips up north this summer. Perhaps someday we'll go on a family vacation elsewhere, but the cabin is great (and free) for now.

We have to drive an extra hour past Brainerd to get to ours, though (Walker/Leech Lake area). And Leo will scream that entire 60 minutes.

Jane/other non-Minnesotans: Everyone here really does either have a cabin or mooches off friends who do. I married my husband because his grandma had a cabin we could use at any time.