Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Wish I'd Said...

"Dad, I'm 28 -- two years younger than Mom was when my brother was born. My back hurts because I'm pregnant with twins, not because I'm 'not that young anymore.'"

"Sir, I can see you glancing pointedly from my abdomen to my left hand and shaking your head. It is absolutely none of your business, but I had to take off my wedding ring because my hands swell sometimes."

"You are the first person in two months of informal surveying who has actually given up your seat for me. God bless you." (I DID say, "Thank you," but it felt inadequate.)

"Raisin, I am sorry I spit ice cream at you. But when Grandpa asked, 'Are you a boy or a girl?' and you responded, 'Bird!' it was just too funny and I couldn't help laughing even though I had just taken a big bite."


K. said...

My fingers got swollen like that. Ankles and feet too.

Don't ya hate it when you think of the perfect response after the fact?

k said...

I always felt uncomfortable putting my hands up on the little ledge to write my check at the grocery store. I knew the cashier was looking at them, both ringless (due to swelling, unbeknownst to her), and looking at the toddler hanging off my leg and my 8-month-pregnant belly and thinking, "So, you just open your legs up for anyone, do you?"