Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Message Board

To the two guys who rescued my Reese's from the evil office vending machine: I know I told you yesterday, but you really are my heroes! (Seriously, I know I was being all nonchalant about filling out the claim envelope for my 70 cents, but inside I was FREAKING OUT because I didn't have any more change and I wanted -- I mean the baby needed -- some chocolate.)

To the gentleman I encountered this morning on the commute to work: Don't you think it was a little early for all the road rage-y scariness, dude? Cut back on the caffeine, or drink more -- whatever you gotta do! Oh, and also? I'm rubber and you're glue.

To the kids in Raisin's toddler class at daycare: I love that you all shout, "Raisin's mommy!" when I come to pick her up. It makes me feel like a giant Norm on a very small-scale version of "Cheers." Of course, "Cheers" will be to you what "I Love Lucy" is to me.... Still, I know Ricky Ricardo, so you should know Norm Peterson. This is your HERITAGE. Be proud.

To the guy at the technology help desk at work: "Help desk," my foot. Thanks for nothing.

To myself: Get back to work.

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