Friday, March 10, 2006

Liar, Liar

OK, it was only yesterday when I was promising to use my newly-discovered picture-posting skills (and by skills, I mean locating the button that lets you post pictures) to post pictures of Raisin.

But last night I had dreams about internet stalkers getting their hands on pictures of my pretty, pretty baby, and now I can't do it.

Yes, thank you, I know I am the crazy. I can't help it.


Jane said...

Ha! I knew you weren't going to do it!

I can't bring myself to do it either - there are some serious creeps out there.

But if you'd email them to me, I'd probably return the favor! Can't get enough of that hair!

Julie said...

You're on! I'd love to see pix of your kids.

Beth Fish said...

I second Jane's idea - just email them to us. :)

Amy said...

You can also put watermarks on them to keep people from taking them and pretending they're someone else.

But I'll accept emails too :)