Thursday, February 16, 2006

So Proud

If DH and I are to disagree about something (in a very civil and I-statement-oriented way, of course), it's likely to be the degree of cleanliness required in our home. I am of the opinion that dishes should be washed, clothes picked up off the floor, and closet doors and dresser drawers closed by the end of each day. DH is of the opinion that my obsession with hiding our mess from ourselves is, um, silly.

Yesterday, while dressing Raisin, DH pushed her dresser drawer closed only 3/4 of the way. Raisin shoved him aside and refused to let him finish putting on her clothes until she had finished closing the drawer.

Then, last night, she spent her entire bathtime "scrubbing" the tub with a washcloth.

I love this kid.

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Jane said...

Tee hee! The Bear has a tiny hand broom and dustpan, and when we sweep the floors, she gets it out and "cleans." She has also been known to scrub the floor with a cloth a la Cinderella, and is quite adept at finding things that are "trash" and throwing them away in the garbage can.

I say you can't get them started too early... good for you!