Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Search Strings!

I had nothing to write about until... I checked my recent search strings. I'm a real, live blogger now, kids -- I actually have some interesting ones!

life skills class mn: I'm pretty sure I specifically said I have no skills. At all.

playb0y Brooke Shields: I don't even want to think about the kind of traffic that's gonna bring me.

Julie loves Kirby: I just said I admired the guy, OK?

raisin picture: If you're looking for pictures of my daughter, I'm very sorry that I lied to the whole internet. I'll never do it again. If you're looking for pictures of dried grapes, I'm gonna need to know why.

jamba juice pregnancy: Rock on! Just watch out for the "femme boost" -- a snotty Jamba Juice lady lectured me about ordering that one while pregnant.

1 comment:

Rude Cactus said...

Not only are they life skills classes, they're life skills classes in Minnesota, apparently. Okay, so, where are the shots of Brooke? ;-)