Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ranty Wednesday

I read a news item today. That was my first mistake, as I am almost guaranteed to find something in the news to be upset about.

I make it a general rule not to watch the personal makeover shows. From what little I have seen, it seems like the producers/personalities involved find some way to revisit every awful, tormented moment in the victim's (I mean, lucky winner's!) life. Then they reinforce that vic-winner's conviction that none of those bad memories would exist if they weren't so darn ugly. Helpful.

So, yes, I have issues with Extreme Makeover and all the other myriad variations on the same theme. And yes, this woman's story is especially sad, since she didn't even get the promised makeover, and is now dealing with the tragic loss of her sister on top of it all. But can I just send a quick GOOD MORNING!! to the people who keep signing up for these things?

ABC (or whoever) is not in this for you. They are only interested in your story as it affects their ratings. They are not doing you any favors by making you relive each embarrassing/sad/hurtful day you've lived. They are not helping you overcome those days by telling you it's because you're not one of the pretty people. And, finally, becoming one of the pretty people (as defined, of course, by ABC) is no guarantee that you will no longer suffer embarrassment, sadness, or hurt.

By all means, change the way you look if it will help you feel better about yourself. Heck, let ABC pay for it -- more power to ya! Just, please, don't let them tell you who you are or who you should be in the process. Thanks.


Jenn said...

I get a little ooked out by radical platic surgery. I mean -- OK -- get a boob job if you hate the girls. Or a tummy tuck if your kids have wrecked your gut. BUt it's the all other 21 procesdure plastic fest that creeps me the hell out. I saw Extreme Makeover once and I quite literlaly had nightmares.

However What not to Wear? Love that show. I have changed my whole style of dressing for that show -- no plastic (other than my credit car) involved.


Julie said...

We just recently got TLC, and I like What Not to Wear, too. It's the radical ones like Extreme Makeover and The Swan that creep me out.